||131||: The Last DVD I Rented at Blockbuster

Hey folks, it’s Sunday, 4 April 2021.

I hope you’re enjoying the day however you choose. We are onto a new week and just as I promised, I’ll be posting ever Sunday on this page. I also mentioned that you may get another blog post if I’m feeling exuberant, and so (click here) for last Friday’s post.

Sensational Sunday’s


For a Good Time Call (2012) was the last DVD I rented at Blockbuster. I went one afternoon (👀alone) hoping to watch it that evening like the sneaky church girl I was (sigh). Unfortunately, to my surprise, all the copies had been rented out. I returned during the recommended time, and Huzzah 🥳 it was win, I clutched the DVD in hand, eager to play it on my laptop. This had a Sex in the City vibe, and I can’t remember whether it met my expectation, I didn’t care, I was jazzed. Do you remember the excitement of feeling grown up, going into a store and renting your own film?

I’m sharing these movies I’ve watched – simply for fun, something different from my interest in song, poetry, and spirituality. I grew up in a Caribbean, Christian home where sex between unmarried folks was only a hypothetical topic. Sex was hush hush, and for many adults, that was the norm. Many folks, of various backgrounds, their parents didn’t discuss sex, therefore, mostly their parents didn’t discuss sex with them either, and so where do you learn your sex education? Sometimes it’s adult television, books at the library, maybe you’re able you to courageously glance through the romance and sex section of the bookstore. Whatever you’ve done or whatever you continue to do, YouTube is still the University I subscribe to, and I’m less likely to collect books on the matter, being a nomad for the time being.

Today (2021) the majority, the general public has access to digital information at our fingertips. Before the broadband internet, before streaming movies online, we had to rent movies, VHS and DVD’s at the store. There’s currently a documentary on Netflix if you’d like the flashback, called The Last BlockBuster.

For a Good Time Call (2012), is Rated R ‧  Comedy ‧ 1h 26m.

If you’re interested in getting a brief concept of the movie, take a look at the trailer.

IMDB states, “Former college frenemies Lauren and Katie move into a fabulous Gramercy Park apartment, and in order to make ends meet, the unlikely pair start a phone sex line together” (2 November 2012 (UK).

I love raunchy films. I’m hoping next Sunday I’ll find and post a 70s or 80s film. Feel free to share a comment of your favorite film in the comment section. I’m a fan of neon colors, lights, pink and 80s movies and music, so the landline that they use in the film reminds me of that time.

This is not a review, more like, reminiscing and encouraging you to check out these cheesy film, or whatever film that you haven’t looked at in awhile. I went all – Minimalist – with a vengeance and donated every single VHS, DVD, and CD I owned. Minus, of course the old home videos that need to be transferred onto a file. So if I want to be nostalgic with films I browse online.

Now with the adult industry expanding to social media platforms in clever ways, social influencers are able to be their own boss, and be legal sex workers. I am pro do what’s best for you, in a way that is empowering, healthy, and especially legal between two consenting adults.

Where to watch? For a Good Time Call (2012) ☎️:

For Sex Education Resources:

Best Wishes,

P.S. I’ve recently returned to IG, stop by & say hello in the new week (DM’s Open – Be kind/Rewind). https://www.instagram.com/treasure.eachsecond/

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