||92||: Day 22/23 of Letting Go

Lisa Fotios

Hello it’s a Mellow Friday! And it’s the freaking weekend. I’m ready to chill at home, read, write, and sing karaoke without a care in the world.

My absolute favorite time is Friday night, I feel like a kid on holiday. I’m able to watch movies with kettle popcorn cuddle under a plushy throw. Good times 😌📚🖥🎬🍿🎤.

My other favorite thing to do is, have the discipline and courage to walk away what doesn’t add value to my life. Knowing that each time I spend a dollar, I’m making a vote at the store. I can walk in a store looking for a particular item and if it’s not there, leave with an empty cart. I know that many people do this, no biggie, still it’s a huge deal in comparison to my past.

Folks this round es muy difícil. I’ve been so focused on wardrobe, self care products and books. And I’m close to my, what else can I possibly find? — Level of frustration. Then I thought about every single category I owned. I’m anxious as I walk in the kitchen because I hardly touch this section. I attempt to decide what housewares to donate. I love a girthy mugs that holds the perfect temperature of hot slurpy joy. I was obsessed with tea parties when I was young and I imagined myself gathering folks for afternoon tea in the front room decorated only for such a regal time. And I’d say, where’s your manners Lexington, use your coaster darling? Absolute madness, because I strongly detest a show room. Anyways, I found in my storage tote 4 recycled glass cups that are hardly used and those will be gather for Day 24… already working ahead.

While I’m gathering yesterday and today’s items for decluttering, I’m watching Home Edit in the background with Clea & Joanna which I adore their sisterhood and business partnership. I told myself that I’m not allowed in the container store anytime soon. I do see the benefit of organizing but at this moment, I’m focused on removing the excess, preparing to move next year and imagining the look of my new space.

This weekend into the new week, I hope that you have a day, schedule self care and enjoy doing you.

Photo by Olya Kobruseva


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