||89||: Self Care as a New Military Wife 🇺🇸

Photo by RF._.studio

I never pictured Nashville without my love. When bébé started Bootcamp on March 2020, I had to adjust emotionally and spiritually. I had to create a new routine to be uplifted and in tune with myself.

SELF CARE: Time to unwind and connect with yourself, so you have energy to share and reconnect with others.


Silence Phone

When my partner was in Bootcamp, my phone was on the loudest setting, his calls were few and precious. Now that he’s in school and his schedule is consistent, I put my phone on silent. I get jumpy when my phone vibrates or makes sounds. So I hear nothing unless I check my phone and for now I’m cool with that. I turn my phone on after 4pm and it’s back on silent around 7:00am. It minimizes my anxiety.


Nap or Rest Early

When I’m tired, I AM TIRED. The earlier I get under the covers and power down my devices, the better. Sometimes going to bed earlier means reading a book. The less bright lights the faster I fall asleep. Dim the lights, play some rain or white noise and drift off early. That’s the self care goal for a refreshed day.


Journal/Write a Post on WP

Journaling, writing a letter, connecting with family /friends and physically writing notes on paper has been a form of therapy for me. I feel more like myself when I’m writing and creating.



Singing feels like I’m surrounding myself with a cozy blanket, a cup of tea, meditation and sexy time all in one. I’m floating and it’s healing for my soul. I can do this for hours. I try to save this for the weekend because I lose track of time. Singing for meditation 🧘🏾‍♂️ returns me to bliss.


Reflection Outdoors

Taking a deep breath and taking in fresh air is so needed. I prefer to hike with groups, so when I’m home, I find ways to walk to a store or destination to keep the movement interesting.


Chill with my Tribe

When you find your people who get you and know you, now that’s community. I love people who can have a serious chat, and talk about pure foolishness. I appreciate people who space of acceptance and love for diversity.


Candle lit Shower/Bath

Romancing myself and making a simple soak, a tranquil experience, boosts my mood. After the bath or shower, I feel revived. TLC for my hair, skin, and nails is a helpful way to raise my vibration.


Heart Felt Conversations

Surround yourself with people who keep it real with you, all in love. People who are genuine with kind hearts, and hold space for you to be your authentic self. As I grow older I cherish quality relationships. This is how I protect my energy by spending time wisely.


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