||39||: Attract Positivity

Photo by cottonbro

I truly believe like attracts like. When I’m feeling happy and upbeat, I attract the same energy and meet great people.

The same occurs when I’m feel sad and my vibration is low, I attract more low energy. That’s why it’s so important that I’m aware of how I’m feeling, protect my energy and to lift my spirits with music, dancing and my self care routine.

Good morning beautiful beings.

These are the thoughts that I have and the quotes that I live by. I absolutely love when I meet good and kind hearted people. So I repeat to myself, I’m so happy and grateful that I easily connect and meet people who are loving, kind, affirming and enlightened. I believe the energy I put out, I will receive. I hope that you are well this morning, I hope that you enjoy whatever elements are around you. If there is sun, sit and bask in it. If there is rain, listen to the rain and breathe in nature’s scents. If there are tropical storms and flood, please tune in and do what’s best for you and your loved ones.

Reaching out, hope to connect soon @treasure.eachsecond

With love,

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