||38||: Rest Needed – Girl, put yo feet up

I commend myself for working hard and completing my tasks. What about celebrating the days I take rest,

“Girl you sure did need that rest, look at you loving you 💕”

It may sound odd, but I remember the times I’d internally scold myself for sleeping in or not attending a meeting because I was so exhausted. Listen self, we are not doing that anymore; When I’m tired, I’m tired. When I’m in need of me time and extra loving, that’s what I’ll do unapologetically.

This may sound odd but at all ages, I hear men and women calling themselves lazy, because they want to take a nap… take your butt to bed, or sit your bum in that chair and put your feet up. SHEESH.

Take that vitamin called B a l a n c e
and Be Kind to Yo’ Self.
HELLO! Makes sense to me.

Even when I’m not worn out or tired, it’s still okay to just lay down or sit in a chair with my feet elevated or soaking in a epsom salt and lavender bath.

Mayday-Mayday, here’s permission to take a bath or hot shower with melodic tunes in the background (you don’t need my permission but here’s the huge sign to unwind). It’s okay not to over schedule one self.

Take Rest When Able.
Take a few minutes to pause.
INHALE (pause) exhale (pause).

Celebrate & Commend Yo’ Self:

  • Celebrate Achievements.
  • Celebrate providing for your family + household.
  • Celebrate putting your children through school so they can have opportunities you didn’t have.
  • Celebrate the ability to provide wealth & break generational curses.

  • I commend myself for paying off student loans, being disciplined and eliminating high credit card debt and having more cash flow.
  • I commend myself for silencing my phone because I’m tired.
  • I commend myself for tuning into my body and my surroundings to calm any anxiety.
  • I commend myself for locking the door when I use the bathroom because it’s the quietest place in the house.
  • I commend myself that as a full time caregiver, I ask for help and so I receive it.
  • I commend myself for not taking on another task, because my plate is full and because I simply can.
  • I commend myself for turning down what no longer serves me.
  • I commend myself for saying no to religious organizations, conditioning, shame, and replacing that with love, supportive community and space for new transformation.
  • I commend myself for saying no to non emergencies.
  • I commend myself for noticing when I’m tired and listening to my body.
Photo by Nandhu Kumar

Beautiful Precious Humans,

Life is about balance. When we place ourselves under immense pressure, eventually our life line will explode. We need food with nourishment, we need sunshine, fresh air, we need rest to recuperate so the body can rebuilt itself, our bodies are equipped to move and to rest. So there’s no shame in slowing down some days and doing just 1 thing at a time because on the days where 10 things demand our attention, we will need to function at 80%-100%.

The message I’m sharing with you has been heavy on my mind. I write this during my own desires to rest, and so I shall.

Pause & Be Well,

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